"Taking the name of Kali,
Dive deep, O mind,
Into the heart's fathomless depths,
Where many a gem lies hid...
Deve deep and make your way,
To Mother Kali's realm."

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Shri Shri Taramata Sebayat,
Joyanta Kumar Roy
Village- Tarapith Temple
West Bengal, India

Phone: 03461253651
Mobile: 9434004429 / 9732250556

Email: joyantaroy@gmail.com

~ Trust & Belief ~

We believe that eventually you will send the money to us. Remember, no Puja is successful without 'dakshina' which has to be made only from your money sent by you. As we are engaged in an humanitarian activities we believe you that you won't resort any false activities. This is completely on the basis of good faith on you.

Our Mission Statement

However inspite of earnest desire, it is not possible for everybody to come all time physically to this holy places. The matter of distance, shortage of time or the over engagement with a very busy schedule becomes a big factor for this inability. However, now through our online puja shop and services you can easily offer puja directly from your home and get "Prasad" , "Pushpa", Sindoor etc. directly at your home. You can offer your puja at Tarapith Temple through us. Distance or time will not be a matter.

Shri Joyanta Kumar Roy, Permanent member of TARAPITH TEMPLE, BIRBHUM, WEST BENGAL, INDIA

We're engaged with the humanitarian services and is 100% committed to do the best possible for all of you who are interested to get this service.

Joy Maa Tara